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Liberate Yourself From Over-Working & Under-Earning:

Become The Sought-After Expert In Your Sphere — And Charge Accordingly.

I Know: You Work Your Magic Because It Transforms Lives…

But Wouldn’t It Also Be Nice To:

  • Make thousands (not hundreds) for doing the work that lights up your soul

  • Liberate yourself from the energy-drain of under-earning

  • Give every client the time & attention she deserves — without sacrificing your sanity

  • Bask in the satisfaction (and security) of making consistent five-figure months 

  • Work only with clients you adore (no need to pinch yourself — it’s for real)

This Is Where Your Soul’s Calling Hooks Up With Your Genius Zone To Make You Rich.

(With A Little Of My Magic Pixie Dust Sprinkled In, Of Course.)

I’ve Got Ropes…Want Me To Show You?

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FREE GUIDE: Position Yourself Premium™: 7 Keys To The High-Ticket Kingdom

Free Yourself From Over-Working And Under-Earning: Become The Sought-After Expert In Your Sphere — And Charge Accordingly

But Before You Scroll One Pixel Further, Let’s Get Something Straight…

Premium Positioning Is NOT “Glitz, Glam, Thank You Ma’am!”

I get that you want to make some serious hot cash for your soul calling. (And why shouldn’t you? — You have a GIFT…you transform lives!) BUT…


  • High-ticket prices on low-ticket offers (aka: “easy money”)

  • Splashy branding, Versace pumps, photo shoots in Paris

  • Buckets of Champagne

Because that’s NOT what I’m about. (Ok, well, maybe that Champagne part…)

Premium Positioning IS About Becoming The Sought-After Expert In Your Sphere

In Other Words, “PREMIUM” MEANS:

  • Earning the right to charge thousands by delivering incomparable results

  • Strategic thinking, dialed-in messaging, compelling copywriting 

  • Buckets of Champagne (Well, you DO have to celebrate ditching the under-earning, right?!)

In short, it takes some WORK.

Do the work first, THEN you can put on the glitz & glam, ‘K?

(Or the Crocs and yoga pants, which is how I prefer to rake in my double-digit months…)

And yep…I said it. WORK. If that’s a dirty word to you, better head on back to Empty Promise Land — AKA all the “fast cash” coaches out there.

Still Reading? A Little Intrigued?

Ready To Kick Off The Versaces And Pull On The Wellies (For Now)? If So, Let’s Wade In…

In Addition To Helping You Double (Triple? More?) Your Rates, I Can Help You:

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Hey, There! I’m Jenny Oby,

Business Mentor, Positioning Strategist & Copy Expert

I Teach You How To Position Yourself Premium™ — So You Can Take Back Your Freedom And Do Business (& Life!) On YOUR Terms.

Want To Play Together? Here Are Three Ways I Can Help You

Make Bank:

(And Do It With Elegance, Flow, A True Sense Of Adventure, And FUN!)

What’s It Like To Work With Me?

(Hint: It Involves Five-Figure Months & Fantastic ROI. Just Ask My Clients…)

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