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Break Up With Over-Giving & Under-Earning:

Become The High-End Expert In Your Sphere — And Charge Accordingly.

You’re Here Because You’re An Ace At What You Do…

But Right Now Your Bank Account Isn’t Showing It. (Ouch.)

Let’s Fix That, Stat.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice To:

  • Make thousands (not hundreds) for doing the work that lights up your soul

  • Liberate yourself from the energy-drain of under-earning

  • Give every client the time & attention she deserves — without sacrificing your sanity

  • Bask in the satisfaction (and security) of making consistent five-figure months 

  • Work only with clients you adore (no need to pinch yourself — it’s for real)

This Is Where Your Soul’s Calling Hooks Up With Your Genius Zone To Make You Rich.

(With A Little Of My Magic Pixie Dust Sprinkled In, Of Course.)

I’ve Got Ropes…Want Me To Show You?

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FREE GUIDE: 5 Strategic Steps To Land A HIGH-END Client This Week

(Even If You’ve Been Struggling To Sell At Much Lower Rates)

But Before You Scroll One Pixel Further, Let’s Get Something Straight…

Premium Positioning Is NOT “Glitz, Glam, Thank You Ma’am!”

I get that you want to make some serious hot cash for your soul calling. (And why shouldn’t you? — You have a GIFT…you transform lives!) BUT…


  • High-ticket prices on low-ticket offers (aka: “easy money”)

  • Splashy branding, Versace pumps, photo shoots in Paris

  • Buckets of Champagne

Because that’s NOT what I’m about. (Ok, well, maybe that Champagne part…)

Premium Positioning IS About Becoming The Sought-After, In-Demand, High-End Expert In Your Sphere

In Other Words, “PREMIUM” MEANS:

  • Earning the right to charge thousands by delivering incomparable results

  • Strategic thinking, dialed-in messaging, compelling copywriting 

  • Buckets of Champagne (Well, you DO have to celebrate ditching the under-earning, right?!)

In short, it takes some WORK.

Do the work first, THEN you can put on the glitz & glam, ‘K?

(Or the Crocs and yoga pants, which is how I prefer to rake in my double-digit months…)

And yep…I said it. WORK. If that’s a dirty word to you, better head on back to Empty Promise Land — AKA all the “fast cash” coaches out there.

Still Reading? A Little Intrigued?

Ready To Kick Off The Versaces And Pull On The Wellies (For Now)? If So, Let’s Wade In…

In Addition To Helping You Double (Triple? More?) Your Rates, I Can Help You:

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Hey, There! I’m Jenny Oby,

Copy Expert & High-End Client Attraction Strategist

I Teach You How To Position Yourself Premium™ — So You Can Take Back Your Freedom And Do Business (& Life!) On YOUR Terms.

Want To Play Together? Here Are Three Ways I Can Help You

Make Bank:

(And Do It With Elegance, Flow, A True Sense Of Adventure, And FUN!)

What’s It Like To Work With Me?

(Hint: It Involves Five-Figure Months & Fantastic ROI. Just Ask My Clients…)

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