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Stand Out As The OBVIOUS Choice For Ideal, PREMIUM Clients

Enroll In My 1:1 “Position Yourself Premium™ Intensive + Blueprint” And Get A Customized Blueprint To Get Noticed (And Make Bank)

You’ve Wasted Enough Precious Time, Energy, And Money Trying To Get Noticed.

You Know It’s Time To Become THE High-End Expert In Your Sphere — And Get Clients Dropping Thousands For The Privilege Of Working With You.

Only Trouble? You Don’t Know Where To Start.

ENTER: Me (and my flowy superwoman cape…)

Because that’s my superpower: Helping you become the OBVIOUS choice to PREMIUM clients, so you can BREAK UP with over-working and under-earning.

And guess what?

The first step is EASY — because I’m going to cut through all the noise and confusion and give you a CLEAR, CUSTOMIZED PATH TO PROFIT.

All You Have To Do Is Show Up And Talk.

The “Position Yourself Premium™ Intensive + Blueprint” Is A 2-Hour, 1:1 Deep Dive Into The World Of YOU.

We’ll dig waaaaay down deep and get completely CLEAR on what makes you DIFFERENT — we’ll UNLOCK your unique energy, style, vibe, story, genius zone

And then we’ll figure out how to PUT IT INTO WORDS that position you as >>THE<< EXPERT in your sphere. (The one that makes your ideal client say, “I neeeeeeed to work with you—where do I put down my $10k deposit?!”)

We’ll cover it ALL:

High-level strategy & systems
Authentic messaging, storytelling & copywriting
Signature offers, packages, pricing (premium, of course)
Branding, tag lines, program names
Even nitty gritty techy stuff

And The Best Part?

You walk away with a step-by-step BLUEPRINT to Position Yourself Premium™ — along with 2 weeks unlimited support from me personally, as you implement.

The Position Yourself Premium™ Blueprint varies based on your business (it IS customized, after all), but it usually includes most of these elements:

  • Big picture strategy to get positioned as THE authority in your field

  • A step-by-step priority list so you can stop flailing and start focusing

  • Assessment of your programs & packages, with suggestions for premium pricing

  • High-level messaging strategy & practical tips to help you connect emotionally with your ideal clients

  • Tweaks & ideas to help your copywriting sound like you, flow better, and sell more

  • Branding and website design & usability tweaks

  • Social media assessment and visibility strategies

Ready For Total CLARITY On How To Position Yourself Premium™(Plus A Step-By-Step Blueprint)?

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1:

Book your 2-hour private coaching session with me. You’ll pay online and answer some Q’s about your business.

Step 2:

Relax and wait for our session, while I get to work on the audit of your online presence and positioning. I’ll record my screen as I click through and analyze your social media, website, copywriting, etc. (Yep, you get to keep the recording!)

Step 3:

When the big day arrives, we’ll get on Zoom (it’ll be just like we’re in the same room together!) for our 2-hour video coaching session. We’ll talk about your current positioning (and perceived value), and then dive into my recommendations on how to Position Yourself Premium™.

Step 4:

After the coaching session, I’ll deliver your two recordings (the audit I did, plus the Zoom session), along with a customized Position Yourself Premium™Blueprint with exact steps you need to get yourself recognized as THE High-End Expert in your sphere (the one that premium clients drop mucho moolah to work with!).

Step 5:

You begin implementing the Blueprint, and you have 2 weeks of unlimited Voxer messaging with me to support you as you go. (I’m available to answer M-F, within 24 hours…so “2 weeks” = “10 business days”.)

Investment: $1950

Ready To Get Started? Let’s Get You On The Books.

(Not sure you can commit all those shekels yet? Still have a couple questions? Drop me a line here, and I’ll be sure to answer.)