Welcome, Julia’s Mastermind & Bespoke Coaching Clients!

Jenny Oby, Business Mentor & Copy Expert

Jenny Oby, Business Mentor & Copy Expert

I’m Jenny, Your Copywriting Coach!

I’m delighted to be Julia Fearon’s in-house Copywriting Coach, and I can’t wait to review your copy and get it spiffed up so that you can start attracting PREMIUM clients, STAT!

Once you’re ready to submit your copy, please follow the steps below, and I will personally spend two hours reading it, reviewing it, and giving you boatloads of personalised, specific feedback. (GOLD CLIENTS: You are also entitled to a 30-minute Zoom call with me personally…I’ll email you the link to schedule when the review is complete.)

Your time is precious, and I want you to have the most feedback I can fit in, so I won’t spend a lot of time gushing about all the stuff you did right. (Don’t think I’m an old grump — I just want you to have the most constructive feedback possible so you can improve quickly!) 😘

But rest assured that everything I write will be said with love and NO judgement — it’s time for you to SHINE and SUCCEED, and I want to help you get there…

Ready To Get Started?

Here Are Your Next Steps:

  1. Put all materials you want reviewed into Google Docs. Please group similar items into one document. (Ex: All emails in a series can go in one document, while landing page copy can go in another.) Be sure to clearly label each piece so I know what it is, and give me a little background as to the purpose of the piece (email series for your opt-in? landing page to your course or product?). The more info I have, the better.

  2. Put all your docs into one folder (titled with your name), then share me on the folder using this email address: Jenny@JennyOby.com. I will then make a COPY of the folder/docs and put them into a special folder that Julia and I share. Once the copy review is complete, I will notify you and will share you — so that you, Julia, and I all have access to the “reviewed” document.

  3. Fill out the form below. This will help me to have as much “context” as possible, so that I can give you relevant feedback. Be sure to do this just before/after you share me on your docs, as I will not start the review until I receive this form.

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