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 1:1 Bespoke Business Mentoring For Premium Positioning

WARNING: My Clients Frequently Experience Bursting Bank Accounts.

Apply If You Dare.

Helping Others And Getting Rich Are NOT Mutually Exclusive.

You’re Already Helping Others. Now Let’s Nail The “Rich” Part.

How Do You Feel About:

  • Becoming THE in-demand expert in your field

  • Guilt-free days off in the middle of the week

  • Not having to dip into personal time to serve your clients well

  • Looking forward to doing your accounts each month (cha-ching!)

  • A loooong waiting list for your 1:1 services

Sounds Dreamy, You Say? Great! Let’s Get You Rolling…

Becoming the high-end expert means training your prospective clients to say, “I’d be an absolute FOOL to hire any other coach but you — regardless of price!”?

In marketing, PERCEPTION is everything — so we’re going to be sure that prospective clients are really “getting” how valuable your services are.

(A fancy name for this is “positioning” — yep, that’s how my business got the name “Position Yourself Premium”.)

Our Work Together

We’ll create a custom blueprint for getting you positioned as the OBVIOUS choice for premium, ideal clients

Then we’ll work on your brand story, your copywriting, your business systems, your client attraction systems — in short, anything and everything it will take to get you fully-booked at premium rates. (Multiple five-figure months — oh, yeah!)

There is no “set curriculum” for my mentoring — because it is 100% customized based on YOU.


  • Settle on an ideal, elegant business model that flows with your true pace and aligns with your vision of life & work

  • Get complete clarity on your unique magic — and identify how to weave it through your work

  • Discern your current ‘perceived value’ in the market — so we can know what needs to change to get you positioned premium

  • Pinpoint your competitive advantages, and figure out how to articulate them for maximum effect

  • Unlock your unique story and craft your authentic core messaging + clear, compelling tagline

  • Tweak your copywriting so it flows better, sounds more like you, and connects emotionally with your clients

  • Design (or re-design) your lead magnets and email nurture series

  • Design (or re-design) your signature and premium offerings

  • Explore and unwind any worries, fears, and blocks that are keeping you from pricing premium

  • Map it all out on a prioritized, 12-month calendar so you have clear, focused goals and practical steps, month-by-month

Here's What Each Month Includes:

  • Bi-weekly 50-minute, 1:1 private coaching calls with me

  • Accountability & support (through unlimited Voxer voice messaging) in between calls, M-F (ask questions, check-in with your progress, get unstuck; I’ll answer within 24 hours)

  • Customized lessons & assignments based on your business needs

  • Customized feedback on the messaging, marketing, systems, and packages that we work on during our time together

Investment: $10,000 (3 Months)

Working with me is by application only. To apply (and check availability), click on the button below…if we’re a good fit, we’ll chat on the phone about next steps.