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Working Together = Playing Together

Explore What It’s Like To Work (Play!) With Me & What It Means To Position Yourself Premium™…

(Hint: It Involves Rolling Up Our Sleeves Together + Lots Of Laughter, Epiphanies, And Cash!)

Even If We Never Play Together, I Want You To Know This:

There Is A Way To Create The Impact, Income, Freedom, And Sustainability That You Desire In Your Life & Business…

But it’s NOT the “fast”, “easy”, or “popular” way you see from every other “coach” on Facebook…

I call it the Path of the Sought-After Expert

It begins when you embrace the power of your GIFT and recognize that you were put here to share it — NOT to work for peanuts with irksome clients who treat you like the hired help.

It continues as you build yourself into an EXPERT who becomes sought-after by your ideal clients

And as you Position Yourself Premium™ so that clients vie for the privilege of working with you (and pay thousands to do so).

Will You Join Me On The Path?

Here’s Who I Play With…

I play with do-gooders. Go-getters. Original thinkers and ambitious freedom-chasers who know there is MORE to life than over-working and under-earning.

I play with coaches, creatives, consultants, and CEOs who have big, beautiful, messy dreams — and the discipline make them a reality (with my help!).

What It’s Like To Play Together:

Positioning Yourself Premium™ means becoming the Sought-After Expert in your sphere — so you can charge accordingly. You’ve got freedom to enjoy, and earning what you’re worth is the way to get there…

Positioning Yourself Premium™ also means that we’ll do everything with style, elegance, creativity, strategic thinking, and a true sense of adventure!

Together, we’ll get complete clarity on your mission, we’ll dial in your messaging, we’ll get to the root of what’s working and what’s not in your business, and finally — we’ll define your deepest desires and draw a customized, unique map to get you there!

(In the process, we’ll re-wire your brain for radical freedom — the byproduct of living your purpose and getting paid handsomely to do so!)

Then, we’ll amp up your creativity and snazz up your compelling copywriting (so you become the OBVIOUS choice for premium, ideal clients)…and most important of all, we’ll find every opportunity to enjoy the ride together!

Think of me as your creative collaborator, your freedom-fighter coach, your business mentor, your staunchest advocate for getting paid what you’re worth — and your ever-loving sister.

Let's Play.

Here Are Three Ways We Can:

Position Yourself Premium™ Intensive & Blueprint

You’ve wasted enough precious time, energy, and money trying to get noticed. You know it’s time to become the Sought-After Expert in your sphere — and charge accordingly.

The Position Yourself Premium™ Intensive & Blueprint is a 2-hour, 1:1 deep dive into the world of YOU.

It starts with a comprehensive audit of your online presence (I record my screen as I analyze; you keep a copy). It continues with a 2-hour, 1:1 recorded video ‘power coaching’ session as we discuss my findings and you talk about your biz. Finally, I deliver a customized blueprint to adjust your perceived value in the market so you can Position Yourself Premium™(and get the cash flowing in, stat). Best part? 14 days of 1:1 messaging support from me as you implement.

Get the full details here: Position Yourself Premium™ Intensive & Blueprint

1:1 Business Mentoring For Premium Positioning

“Branding” is what you say about yourself.
“Positioning” is what your potential clients say about you.

Most coaches, consultants & experts focus on branding only — and that’s like building a house before they’ve laid the foundation. (No wonder they can’t charge premium rates!)

In our work together, we’ll knock out both. We’ll START with your “positioning”: What will it take to make you THE Sought-After Expert in your sphere? How can we train your prospective clients to say, “I’d be an absolute FOOL to hire any other coach but her — regardless of price!”?

We’ll create a custom blueprint for getting you positioned as the OBVIOUS choice for premium, ideal clients…THEN we’ll work on your brand story, your copywriting, your business systems, your client attraction systems — in short, anything and everything it will take to get you fully-booked at premium rates.

Stay with me as long as you are getting value…month to month, or in blocks of three months.

Learn all about my business & copy mentoring here: 1:1 Business Mentoring For Premium Positioning.

1:1 VIP Consulting Day In Maine (Or Online)

What if — in one day — you could get complete clarity (and practical steps) on how to position yourself as the ONLY choice for premium clients?

Book a VIP 1:1 Consulting Day with me…and you CAN.

I am pleased to have a limited number of private consulting days in Maine available from May 25 - September 25 (or online year-round).

Get ready for a full-on dose of my embracing warmth, creative energy, and intuitive ability to reflect the BRILLIANCE I see in you…plus my natural gift to help you use your brilliance to Position Yourself Premium™…

Then prepare to receive the exact, customized next steps you need to completely upgrade and transform your business.

(Oh, and get ready for lots of FUN, laughter, bonding, and eye-popping epiphanies…)

See the exact flow of the day here: VIP 1:1 Consulting Day In Maine